Kuala Lumpur the capital

Kuala Lumpur the capital

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and its largest city (population: 7.3 million Greater KL area), can be both fascinating and frustrating at the same time, amplifying everything to a higher degree—crowds, noises, vehicles, traffic jams, smells, heat. Public transportation isn’t as coordinated as those in Taiwan and Singapore. More concrete and less green too.

Tim at the glass platform on the observation deck (276 m) at Kuala Lumpur Tower, the tallest communications tower in Asia (7th in the world)
Lucas’s turn
View from KL Tower
More view from the top
Another view at the top
KL Tower from the street
Need a selfie at the top
Petronas Towers, tallest twin towers in the world (world’s tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004)
Obligatory selfie in front of the Petronas Twin Towers
Musical light show at KLCC park
Another view of the Musical Light Show, outside Suria KLCC (one of many mega malls in KL—over 300 stores)
The tallest building in KL under construction , the Exchange 106–106 floors when completed (492 m)

Signs for public transportation are lacking or confusing and it isn’t easy to go from one place to another. And traffic jams everywhere. Not much fun traveling in the heat.

More traffic jam

But we managed to do a few things other than spending time in mega malls (they are huge here) and food courts. We got massages (55$CAD for 90 minutes), several pairs of prescription glasses at about 21$CAD each. This is where we learn about Grab services (local version of Uber). Too bad we didn’t use it earlier—we might have seen more of KL area.

Outside the Pavilion, one of the mega malls—over 500 stores
A night view of the fountain outside the Pavilion
Inside one of the malls
Next to the KL Convention Centre
One of the street views outside the Petronas Towers
More street view
At KLCC Park, 44 acre urban park

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