Big Market for a Small Place

Big Market for a Small Place

My uncle took us to the Satok Market, a Kuching weekend indoor and outdoor farmers market where all kinds of food are sold. And the breadth and depth of scale is an eye-opener—nothing in Canada or US can compare to it.

Standing outside the plant section

To look at everything, one would have to take at least half a day. We didn’t have time to see it all—we covered only a third. So here are the photos we took:

Making coconut milk
Grating coconut into milk and flakes
Dried seafood (prawns, anchovies, salted fish, etc)
Fish section (fresh fish, fish roe, fish head, etc)

    Cleaning fish for a customer
Too many fish stalls to go through
Chicken, duck, goose and more
Pork, beef and more meat
Pineapple stall
Local vegetables
Local fruits
More fruit and vegetable stalls
More local fruits
More local fruits
More local vegetables
For the seafood lovers
More seafood
In front of the indoor market which we didn’t have time to explore; we didn’t explode the food court centre too

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