Breakfast is a feast in Taiwan (and it’s free)

Breakfast is a feast in Taiwan (and it’s free)

Japanese food counter (Chateau de Chine)

Both hotels in Kaohsiung and Taipei provided free daily breakfast buffet. Our expectation was a continental breakfast similar to Holiday Inn Express or Hilton Garden Inn. Boy, we ate and ate, often ended up not having lunch; instead we had an afternoon snack, followed by early dinner and a walk after.

Hot dish counter and salad bar (Chateau de Chine)

Our breakfast buffet in Kaohsiung (Chateau de Chine) would probably cost $30CAD back home.  There were so many food counters (Western, Chinese, Japanese): one for rice, congee, soup; one for salads, one for bread and pastries, one for soba and udon, one for omelette, cereals, and yogurt, one for hot dishes (vegetables, noodles, fish, beef/pork, steam buns, bacon/sausage/ham, chicken), one for fruits, hot and cold beverages. And lots of different condiments.

Congee and soup counter (Chateau de Chine)

And the service was impeccable: friendly, polite, thoughtful, efficient. They cleared the empty plate, cup, or glass right away after we were done each time—almost scary how quick they were.

Breakfast at Chateau de Chine
Breakfast at Chateau de Chine
Breakfast at Chateau de Chine

And then we had a mini version in Taipei (Hotel 73). Fewer number of dishes since it was a smaller hotel, but still as impressive.

Tim and his mighty breakfast plate at Hotel 73
Salad and hot dishes at Hotel 73
Tim filling his breakfast plate at Hotel 73

Considering our stay was during the Chinese New Year season  (which was high season), the hotel rates ($150 CAD average including taxes) were very reasonable for what we received.

Our breakfast at Hotel 73

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