Changes Among the Familiar

Changes Among the Familiar

So many changes, so many new things. Western food chain eating places (KFC, Starbucks, McDonald, Subway, etc) are huge and popular now. Sad to say that they are every where.

Western fast food everywhere including outside stall for takeaway and 24 hours service

Tougher to find authentic Sarawak food at downtown mall food courts; they are still around at street coffee shops (kopitiam) and in the suburbs. Extremely cheap and flavourful. Again, we are spoiled by our hotel breakfast buffet here (Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western) so we are often too full to try other food for lunch.

It was strange to walk through old familiar places—some have been improved, some are languishing (which was sad to see), others are torn down or no longer there.

In front of the arch into Carpenter Street (an area full of goldsmith shops)
Another view of the Arch at Carpenter Street
Lau Ya Geng food court, well known for its kueh chap (rice noodle soup with tofu, pork offals, and braised pork)—great with kopi peng
One of the food stalls at Lau Ya Geng food court
Hiang Thian Siang Ti Temple (opposite Lau Ya Geng)—a Teochew temple
Info on the Teochew temple (Hiang Thian Siang Ti Temple)
Tiger painting on the front wall of the Teochew temple
Dragon painting on the front wall of the Teochew temple
Arch into Padungan Road (Jalan Padungan)—an area of old Chinese shophouses (1920s and 1930s) and cheap eats, pastry shops, and kopitiams
Main Post Office—built in 1931 (style: early 19th century with its neo-classical style and Corinthian columns)
In front of Kuching Old Courthouse (built in 1868), now home to restaurants and cafes)—consists of four blocks with an inner courtyard
India Street, a pedestrian street, selling mainly clothes and textiles
Wall murals in narrow alleys and side streets
Bunga Raya (hibiscus)—national flower of Malaysia
The old house—the front yard now covered by cement pad throughout
Looking at the old secondary school
The old primary school
The old primary school canteen



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