Climbing the Hills

Climbing the Hills

From Hiroshima, we did a side trip to Onomichi (about an hour train ride, using a combination of Shinkansen and local train, with a transfer at Fukuyama); this town is best known for the start or end point of the Shimanami Kaido Bike Path (over 70 km biking route with 7 bridges across 6 islands on the Seto Inland Sea between the main islands of Shikoku and Honshu). Surprisingly, a day trip isn’t enough. We managed to see only a tiny section of the place. We didn’t have time to visit any temple, shrine or castle here.  Just exploring one section of the hillside and enjoying the view from a higher elevation.

A few days, or even a week, would be better for a leisurely pace exploration. It is a small walkable port town of over 100,000 people. Shipbuilding is a major industry here. Many Japanese movies and television series filmed here because of its unique location.

The urban area is on a narrow strip flanked by steep hills and the Inland Sea. So there are many businesses, houses, temples, and shrines on the hillsides and there are stairs everywhere, leading to narrow winding alleys and lanes. One such route is the Historical Temple Walk. Another is Path of Literature. This was the day we did a record of climbing 43 floors. In Japan, to see attractions and to appreciate the sceneries, one must be prepared to go up and down lots of steps or walk a lot. 

To get to Onomichi from Hiroshima, we have to transfer at Fukuyama Station. What an amazing sight while waiting at the station platform: Fukuyama Castle
Seaside Boulevard in Onomichi
Mukaishima island
Ferries and bicycles: many docks to connect cyclists to the different islands
Cherry blossoms in bloom along the seaside boulevard
Cinema plays a role in Onomichi as many movies and television series were filmed here.
Stairs and more stairs
Senkoji -shindo Street
Onomichi City Museum of Art (close to the top of the hill)
View of the Onomichi Ohashi Bridge from the observatory at the top
Onomichi and view of the Inland Sea
View from the Senkoji ropeway: we decided to use it to get down since it was the end of the day and we had to get back to Hiroshima
Bus terminal and train station with Onomichi hills in the background

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