Melaka in History

Melaka in History

Melaka came with over 600 years of history, beginning with the Malay Sultanate in 1400, followed by the Portuguese occupation in 1511, then the Dutch occupation in 1641, British occupation in 1824, Japanese occupation in 1942, and finally under the British administration in 1946 before gaining independence in 1957 (part of Malaya) and part of Malaysia in 1963.

St. Paul Church, oldest church in Southeast Asia, consecrated in 1521 (Roman Catholic under Portuguese, then Dutch Reformed, now a museum and historic site)
Old Portuguese and Dutch tombstones

Its history and interracial marriages gave the city (UNESCO world heritage site) a unique East and West blend in local lifestyle, historical landmarks, architecture, cultures, traditions and identities.

Tang Beng Swee clock tower in the Red Square or Dutch Square (built in 1886)
In front of Stadthuys (an old Dutch spelling, meaning city hall), a historical structure built by the Dutch in 1650.

With such diversity, we only managed to see and experience a small portion of what Melaka has to offer. Our favourite is walking along the Melaka river at night; it goes for miles and we didn’t get to do it all. We found our favourite  chendol and taufu fa here too. Other places in Malaysia and Singapore don’t measure up to them here. And we have our haircuts here ($5 CAD for Tim, $7 CAD for Lucas).

At the Flor De La Mar (Maritime Museum), a
replica of a Portuguese ship that sank off the coast in 1511 (houses the area history of maritime and trade)
Melaka river walkway
Standing in the cool shade
More river walkway
Another river walkway with numerous bridges along the way
Melaka river at night (many river cruises—full of tourists from China)
Night scene in the Red Square—too many commercialized trishaws (too pimped-up or psychedelic now, used to be beautiful decorated with many beautiful garlands)

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