Steamy Cat Town

Steamy Cat Town

We can go back to our places of birth but not to the past. Things constantly change and sometimes memories are what we have left.

Unlike Singapore, we really feel the heat and humidity in Kuching(Cat Town, population: about 850,000), the steamy rainforest of sweats. It feels like being in the sauna.

In front of the cat statues


One of the cat statues around town (in front of our hotel)

Fortunately we have rain every day we are here. Downpours for half an hour or two and then it’s done. Quite constant in its timing—usually between 1 and 4 in the afternoon.

Then it is clear and we have a nice evening walk along the Waterfront. Our hotel is at one end of the waterfront boulevard. Here are the photos from our waterfront walks.

Tim enjoying the river view
State Legislative Assembly Building
Another view of the new pedestrian bridge
River view with tambang (water taxi)
Water taxi (tambang) ride: 35 cents CAD each per crossing
One of the entertainment on the waterfront (traditional clothing, instrument and music)
Malay kampung (village) across the river
Malay dancers waiting to perform in an amphitheater on the waterfront
Musicians playing traditional Malay music
Festive performance to celebrate Chinese New Year by the Malay community
One of the many food stalls along the waterfront (this one selling cooked fish paste)
A stall selling kek lapis (layer cake): some of these have more than a dozen thin layers—many flavours

    Kek lapis samples

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